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The COVID-19 contingency and the impact that this pandemic is having on the health sector is affecting different areas, in particular on the people who work in this sector, in terms of their quality of life and health. It has also affected their performance and fulfillment of their production goals in the healthcare field, and has forced the implementation of new ways of delivering health services.

GSC can make a contribution in this scenario by supporting the design of new management models and the implementation of the changes that health institutions need to make in order to face present and future challenges.


  • RE-Program and Planning

    The COVID-19 has forced changes and adjustments in the planning that health institutions had foreseen for 2020, in many cases leaving other important issues and aspects postponed. In accordance with this situation, GSC proposes a program to review the present planning process , with changes that take into account the new reality and the challenges facing those organizations.
    This Program initially contemplates the following work areas: Participatory planning and diagnosis, planning matrix elaboration, matrix socialization and change management.
  • Evaluate to prepare: lessons from COVID-19

    COVID-19 has presented a new epidemiological and health reality to all organizations that have had to face it with existing resources. All of these multiple new challenges may arise again. Given this, GSC proposes to review and evaluate how the situation has been faced from different aspects, in order to draw lessons that optimize a future response.
    This Program initially contemplates the following areas of work: review of the organizational management model, of people and teams, and of technologies and supplies. This is to be followed by evaluation and redesign of processes including methods to evaluate its results.ntempla inicialmente las siguientes áreas de trabajo:
  • Work climate in front and post crisis COVID-19

    COVID-19 placed health workers in a situation of high stress, both individually and as teams, and the organization as a whole at its different levels. This has an impact and possible consequences that must be addressed, listened to and, if necessary, intervened, in order to correct and adapt to the new circumstances and to strengthen the teams and the organization.
    This Program initially includes the following work areas: measurement of the work environment, managerial skills, teamwork, health and quality of life of the staff, self-care and co-care.

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